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A Therapist's Letter to his Clients

I came across this article by Dr. Kelly Flanagan on what it's really like to be a therapist. In his open letter to his client's, he captures the essence of what it feels like to sit with people in their most vulnerable states. I was so touched by Dr. Flanagan's letter because as a therapist, I am also very deeply honored to journey through such personal terrain with my clients. I am forever impacted by the bravery and courage it takes for my clients to stand facing the darkest parts of themselves; trusting me to help them reach depths neither of us knew existed. My clients' ability to examine painful parts of themselves and their lives is, to me, a courageous example of living fully and deeply. I change and grow both personally and professionally as my client's do. I learn from them what it means to walk through this life authentically and fully human. Dr. Flanagan's article summarized this so eloquently. You can read the full article here.

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